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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 23, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> live from studio e, welcome aboard, folks. it is kind of a rainy, snowy tuesday here in new york city. ali is in for gretch and we start with some big news this morning. >> there sure is. it's a fox news alert because former vice president dick cheney spending the night in a washington hospital after experiencing chest pains. joining us from outside george washington university hospital is kelly wright. kelly, tell us what you know. >> i'll tell you what i know so far, allison. good morning, first of all. what we understand and what we've been told so far is former vice president cheney is inside the hospital resting comfortably, as they say. they will evaluate him later today. but he arrived here on monday and was admitted to the hospital after experiencing chest pains. now, the former vice president you may recall was seen as recently as a couple of days ago at cpac, the conservative political action conference.
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he was a surprise guest for the event introduced by his daughter liz. during that time, mr. cheney received thunderous applause from his fellow conservatives. mr. cheney has been dealing with heart trouble, many of you may know, since he was 37 years of age. that's when he experienced his first of four heart attacks over his lifetime. cheney and former president george w. bush have been scheduled to have a reunion this weekend on friday, as a matter of fact, with former staffers at the washington area on friday. president bush's spokesperson says president bush will be in town for the marine corps university foundation gala on february 25th and 26th. he was to reunite with his vice president. of course, they both served for eight years in office. and they were going to meet during this event on the weekend but as far as we know right now, they will evaluate the vice president later today. again, just to remind you that
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the vice president admitted to g.w. hospital on monday as a result of experiencing chest pains. he is said to be basically trying to recover right now and resting well. and they will evaluate him later today and we'll keep you updated on what his condition is and what they're expecting and anticipating as they move forward throughout the day. back to you guys. >> thank you very much for the update. now, let's get to the rest of your headlines. more medical news. former senate majority leader and republican presidential candidate bob dole is also in the hospital this morning. he's battling pneumonia. he was admitted to walter reed hospital in washington three weeks ago with a respiratory condition. he's also recovering from a knee operation but the 86-year-old hopes to be back at work in a few weeks. dole still works as a lawyer and lobbyist. congress gets its first crack at toyota executives this morning. house lawmakers will grill the company's american president, james lent, about toyota's huge recalls. this as the u.s. launches a criminal investigation into toyota's safety problems.
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the company president akia toyota tells "the wall street journal" his company has stumbled badly saying "it's clear to me in recent years, we did not listen as carefully as we should or respond as quickly as we must to our customers' concerns." toyota will be on capitol hill tomorrow. a primary suspect in the case of natalee holloway has confessed to a dutch television station that he disposed of natalie's body in aruba. they are similar to a confession he made two years ago. they could not find any evidence to confirm that admission. natalee holloway went missing 2005 during a high school graduation trip to aruba. her body was never found. the stimulus bill included $25 million for airport screening machines capable of detecting explosives like those carried by the christmas day underwear bomber but more than one year later, politico reports none of those scanners have been snaultd yet. the company who makes the
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scanners, rapid scan, says it delivered more than 100 units to the t.s.a., the agency says it hopes to have the scanners installed by april. that's hurry that up. >> let's talk about this. let's go back to shortly after the anniversary of september 11th of this past year, remember we heard about this colorado guy who got grabbed by the cops. he had been followed for a while. and the cops made an arrest. we thought why did they do that? there he is buying some beauty supplies out in colorado. as it turns out now, yesterday, in a new york courtroom, zazi and here's the headlines right here has confessed to plotting to blow up some subway stations here in new york city. he was a full fledged al-qaida operative. >> 10th attempted attack since the 9/11 attacks here in new york city and this guy going
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into detail yesterday about what he did, what he was up to, why he would have done it and what he planned on doing and it was all because they got leverage over him and said, listen, we're going to start pursuing immigration charges on your mom to get her out of this country and possibly jail her or charge her with something. all right, i'll tell you what happened. i decided after graduating fleshing high school, me and a cu couple of friends would go to pakistan and join the taliban. why? because the u.s. was killing innocent people in afghanistan. while there, they met an al-qaida recruiter at which time they said we have a better idea for you. we'll train you with weapons and we can send you back to america and you can pretend to be the coffee cart guy. he says that sounds great. he goes there and takes all that train, logs it into his computer, emails it back to himself, comes back here and was all set to go ahead and blow up subway after subway with backpack after backpack with two of his cohorts and this dicey situation with his mom in new york city and the flushing high school student who is 25 years old was stopped by some great
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police work. >> and this morning, we know they were much closer to pulling off this plot than we ever anticipated. he was arrested, i think, on a friday and he was planning -- they were planning to pull this off, they had all the equipment they needed on that tuesday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, i think, that he told investigators. you know, i think about this -- i ride the subway every day and i think about this all the time because how you can protect all the new york city subways, it's impossible. there's 8 million people coming in and off of them every single day and that they got him right before he was able to do anything, thank goodness! >> no kidding. he bought a bunch of stuff. we saw it in the video at the beauty supply place in aurora, colorado, had some detonators in his car. got stopped by -- he had been trailed all the way from denver to the new york city area by, apparently, the police. and he was so spooked, there he is right there in colorado. he was so spooked, he went and he flushed the stuff down the drain of an apartment. and that's why when cops say
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look, we grabbed him just in time. and other critics said, you know, you didn't catch him red handed. there was nothing to catch. he had already flushed it down the drain. nonetheless, yesterday, attorney general of the united states essentially said see? we can try these guys in criminal courts and not in tribunals. listen. >> in this case, as it has been in so many other ones, the criminal justice system has proved to be an invaluable weapon for disrupting plots and incapacitating terrorists. one that works in concert with our intelligence community and in concert with our military. we will continue to use it to protect the american people from terrorism. as i've stated on other occasions, the criminal justice system also contains powerful incentives to induce pleas that yield long sentences and that gain intelligence that can be used in the fight, in the war against al-qaida. >> he says that's ultimately what happened with aza zi.
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they got a plea that he was able to plead guilty to planning to use a weapon of mass destruction. they threatened to charge his mother and that's when he started coughing up intel. >> let's hope somebody always has a mom here and -- >> like the underwear guy with the uncle. remember? it's twice in a row. >> with the father, you mean. >> with the father and then there was an uncle. it's about relatives. they're able to pinch the relatives to get the bad guys to squeal. >> eric holder went on to see i haven't ruled out new york for khalid sheikh mohammed. that's another talking point. let's turn to a new one. it turns out freedom of information act was called upon by amnesty international saying we want to find out how bad america is and how tough the c.i.a. was when it comes to interrogation practices of high value targets of captured al-qaida terrorists. so they went back and pulled some documents. now, these documents aren't transcripts, they're written by the c.i.a. they're memos and tells you who is in attendance and what happens at the meetings. in 2002 when pat roberts, your man from kansas, the senator from kansas who was in charge of
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the intelligence committee, it showed he did know they were doing waterboarding. >> briefings from the c.i.a. >> they did know about those breakaway walls where it sounds like you're going through the wall but crack in half on contact like styrofoam to intimidate those to talk. they did know about the enhanced interrogation practice but that wasn't the story. story was who else knew about it? >> yeah. so nancy pelosi famously now has gotten into a squabble with the c.i.a. remember not so long ago she said oh, those guys come up there. the c.i.a. guys come up here but they lie to us all the time. listen to this. here she is talking about whether or not she knew about the whole waterboarding enhanced interrogation techniques. >> the c.i.a. briefed me only once on enhanced interrogation techniques in september of 2002 in my capacity as a ranking member of the intelligence committee. i was informed then that the department of justice opinions had concluded that the use of enhanced interrogation techniques were legal. the only mention of what boarding at that briefing was
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that it was not being employed. >> so she says she was at a meeting where it was described but she didn't know that it had actually been used a number of times already and yet, according to the documents, she was there when they were talking about waterboarding this guy. so was she simply not listening? did she not have the listening machine turned on? or does she have a case of selective memory? >> not only that, according to this new document from the c.i.a. that catherine herridge or great correspondent in washington has gone through, it shows that nancy pelosi was in the room. she was briefed by c.i.a. personnel on april 24, 2002. that's five months earlier than the september time that she says is the sole time, she says i was briefed one time. it was in september of 2002 where they talked about him and about waterboarding but they didn't tell me that's necessarily what they were doing
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but this document says she was in the room five months earlier where it was also discussed. >> important to note that jane harmon, even though these aren't complete transcripts. it's important to note that jane harmon who was in a similar meeting later on, when she heard about this, she said is this necessary? is this working? do we -- are we allowed to do this? so if jane harmon had a problem with it, she made it be known. so if nancy pelosi had a problem with it, no one jotted it down and she doesn't recall ever doing it. so it's kind of interesting in 2009, if you have a problem, 2002 you don't. >> remember, she was speaker of the house. she could have put -- or she was big shot in the congress. >> ranking member. >> she could have stopped it. but she chose not to. all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. this thursday, president has called republicans into a room. they're going to try to work out something with the health care thing. well, you know what? this is a fox news alert. there was bipartisanship yesterday. >> what's the date? >> it's true. it's the 23rd day of february.
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what happened was scott brown, the brand new senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts, he arrived 15 minutes early to cast his first vote. and what it was was essentially he joined the democrats to vote for harry reid's stripped down jobs bill. >> yes, he and four other republicans joined with the democrats to stop the filibuster so in a show of bipartisanship, they joined, allowed harry reid to stop the filibuster so they could go on to actually debate the jobs bill. scott brown has said it's not perfect but i think it would help massachusetts. here's exactly what scott brown said. all of us republicans and democrats have to work together to get our economy back on track. i hope my vote today is a strong step towards restoring bipartisanship in washington. he had been true to his pledge, his post election pledge that he was going to go and be an independent and help bipartisanship. >> it's too bad the democrats can't say the same thing. they did not accept one republican amendment in this. the amendment was blown up by
6:13 am
harry reid and republicans were saying, do you want me to be here? >> are you saying the least bipartisan person was harry reid? >> straight ahead, we'll leave that as the dangling participle. texas congressman ron paul won that straw poll. it doesn't mean much. we'll ask ron paul about that next. >> and senator harry reid says if you don't have a job, you may beat your wife. >> what? >> yes, he really did. >> you're kidding. >> listen. >> men, when they're out of work, tend to become abusive. >> that's not all. more of his controversial comments. it's a rule of nature.
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>> 16 minutes past the hour. glad you're up. iran may build two nuclear enrichment plants inside mountains to avoid air strikes. construction could start next month. meanwhile, the u.s. says this move proves iran is not cooperating with the united nations nuclear inspectors. now, we have proof. a federal judge approves a bank of america's $150 million settlement with the sec but doesn't like it. they were not up front with shareholders when it bought merrill lynch. the judge calls it half baked justice at best but says judicial restraint requires him to approve it. now, the format says i should approve this toss to steve. >> thank you very much. i'm brian kilmeade and i approve this toss. thank you, brian. straight ahead, a mix of cheers and jeers greeting the stunning announcement of the winner of the cpac straw poll for the 2012 republican presidential nomination. listen to this. >> the winner of this year's cpac straw poll is now -- ok.
6:18 am
well, the winner of this year's cpac straw poll is texas congressman ron paul. >> joining us now is texas congressman ron paul, the author of "end the fed." congressman, good morning. what did you think of that rather mixed response to the announcement of your winning the straw poll? >> well, that's the first time i've heard of it because i wasn't there. i do understand that our supporters had a little trouble getting into the auditorium. that might have contributed to it. but i would say that, you know, we had the largest percentage vote of anybody at cpac, you know, historically speaking so it was a significant number of people who voted for me. but also, when you only get 32% out of 100%, that means people
6:19 am
were not in position. it sounds to me they might have been. maybe they were sore losers or something. maybe they couldn't take it very well but the truth is, you know, the votes were there. so they have to accept it. >> absolutely. we should point out that mitt romney pictured right there came in second behind you by over 10 points. congressman, you must take great satisfaction in knowing that apparently, the political world has caught up to what you've been preaching for a number of years and that is d.c. is drunk on spending our money and they've got to stop it. >> there is no doubt about it. and right now, there's really no serious effort here to slow up spending or stop it or get around to cutting one single thing. and i think the debt is going to do us in. there's no way we can sustain this. the national debt will go up over $2 trillion this year. and just the interest, when interest rates start to bump up which they already have, i mean, we won't be able to pay the interest on the debt so we -- we
6:20 am
-- we're fighting on capitol hill all the time and i said well, we need bipartisanship but the whole problem is the country is bankrupt and neither the republicans or the democrats will admit that we are bankrupt and we have to do something very serious and that is to cut back on a growth of spending. >> ok. so congressman, you've been talking about cutting down federal spending and the need for bipartisanship. the two rallying cries that it seems everybody is talking about now, will you run for president again in 2012? >> i have no plans to do that. that's a long way off and it's not very practical to do it. but i haven't absolutely said no, i will not. right now, i have no plans to do it. >> it's great you would join us today. congratulations on your win at cpac, ladies and gentlemen, congressman ron paul. thank you very much. >> thanks, congressman. >> thank you. >> you betcha. >> all right. 65 years ago, these brave marines planted a flag at iwo jima. we talk to the son of one of those men. you'll hear the incredible story behind this photograph.
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>> it was 65 years ago exactly today. workers suffering from the winter blues getting special treatment? that's right. all this work, well -- while you work your butt off.
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when you take away all the canned chicken broth that adds msg, one stands alone. the secret is swanson 100% natural chicken broth. we americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others. when confronted with massive human suffering, americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help. but there's never been anything on the scale of human tragedy in our own hemisphere
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like what we're now witnessing in haiti. today president clinton and i are joining together to appeal to you with real urgency. give now, and lives will be saved. thank you. thank you. >> you probably didn't know this. today marks the 65th anniversary of the flag raising at the battle of iwo jima. the iconic picture symbolizes american patriotism and valor, of course. james bradley, author of "flags of our fathers" is the son of one of the soldiers in the photograph. in his new book, he traces his father's fight at iwo jima to a secret treaty struck by teddy roosevelt and japan. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> it's a privilege to meet you and see you. let's see your dad.
6:25 am
your dad is which one? >> he's the guy in the middle. not the furthest one to the right but the next one. >> he has his right hand on the flag over on the top of the flag. correct? >> on the pole. >> all right. on the pole. >> that's john bradley. >> and what did your dad tell you about that magical moment in american history? >> when i was in third grade, i said dad, my teacher said that you're a hero. he looked at me as if he wanted to embed an idea in my brain for the rest of my life. and he said i want you to always remember that the heroes of iwo jima are the guys who did not come back. >> 84% casualty rate. only 16% of those who fought in that battle left unharmed. >> with my dad's platoon. my father was a corpsman and another corpsman said in saipan, we buried marines by individual graves. on iwo jima, we buried by row and surveyors marked the lines. >> you went back, correct? >> yes, sir, i've been there four times. >> after you went back and after your dad sadly passes away, you
6:26 am
find out more and more information. you find it in two boxes. what do those boxes tell you? >> we found a letter where my dad wrote two days after the flag raising to his mom and dad in appleton, wisconsin. i had little to do with raising the american flag and it was the happiest moment of my life. i cried when i read that letter because i wondered why he couldn't share that happy moment with me, his son, while he was alive. so i went on a quest and the result was this book "flags of our fathers." >> and it's an incredible book and now you have another book "the imperial cruise." how does something that happened in 1905 relate to world war ii? >> let's say 9/11 happened and we realize that richard nixon made a deal with osama bin laden's family. we would definitely connect those 40 years. my father was out at iwo jima trying to extinguish japanese expansionism, the problem was japan was expanding in asia. that expansionism was green lit, was approved and agreed in a secret treaty by theodore roosevelt in the summer of 1905.
6:27 am
he won a nobel peace prize for actions that summer but the nobel peace prize committee never knew that he was secretly acting as an agent of japan. >> he looked at china as just an aging power, declining power and looked back then to japan as somebody who can exert influence in that region. >> right, japan was a potent race that was going to rise. america with theodore roosevelt secretly put their bet on japan. he said to the japanese military, you go ahead and expand. so the nobel peace prize was awarded without them having this knowledge. i have a letter that i'm sending, i've called the curator of the white house three times, they haven't returned my call and i'm asking why american taxpayer money should go into the curating of nobel peace prize in the roosevelt room. >> and when you talk about teddy roosevelt, you'll have an uphill battle any time you want to be critical of him as an american icon on mount rushmore. >> i love the guy for what he
6:28 am
did in yosemite. he didn't know japan. >> we know about your dad and we know more about iwo jima and what your dad did and others did and gave their lives that day. thanks so much for joining us on the 65th anniversary of the raising of that flag. >> thanks for having me. >> nice meeting you. men who are out of work become abusive. that's not my words. those are the words of harry reid. >> when they're out of work, they tend to become abusive. >> all that and that's not all. more of his controversial comments in his quest to keep that senate seat and a chase that goes on for hours crosses through three counties narrowly missing other cars at 120 miles an hour. see how it ended. happy birthday to emily blunt, she turns 27 today. she looks 26. so, what is this thing again? it's fidelity's guidance -- it shows you ways to spend in retirement that can help your money last, whatever your plans. like, if we wanted to travel?
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>> all right. welcome to this tuesday. what is behind me? >> a half eaten bagel? >> is that yours? >> yeah. >> did you see this? >> do you need me to move that? >> it's a cinnamon raisin. i guess i'm not having a cinnamon raisin today. > >> fantastic. >> who knew there was a bagel coaster behind the curvy coach? >> it's my bagel bar.
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>> more secrets next hour as we look under the couch and find out what's left there. >> oh, no. >> in the meantime, some headlines on this tuesday, you can now look at president obama's plan for health care reform. it is on line. it's really the democrats' last hope for reform. republicans are still critical of the measure, however. still, the president wants g.o.p. leaders to bring their ideas to the table this thursday with the health care summit. >> they pushed back greatly on this notion they're the party of no. if they're not the party of no, thursday is a perfect venue to be the party of yes. >> clinging to a massive bill that americans have overwhelmingly reject the again and again for months. >> well, the white house says thursday's health care meeting is just the starting point for discussions. brian? >> war talk now. an explosion leaving eight people dead. yes, a news alert. bomb exploded right in front of a government building in the
6:34 am
capital of the southern province where thousands of u.s.-led forces are making steady progress in the fight to clear the taliban's stronghold in marjah. meanwhile, nine troops have passed away since the offensesive began last week. >> charges to be filed against the elderly driver accused of causing a tour bus to crash leaving two people dead. 30 others were hurt in lake placid, florida. police say an 81-year-old driver pulled out in front of the bus causing it to lose control and flip over. most of the victims were senior citizens. >> meanwhile, check out this video of a high speed motorcycle chase near fort worth, texas, all caught on police dash cam. cops tried to pull over the biker after clocking him going 12 e 0 miles per hour. officers chased him through residential areas. look how close they are. and down the highway with no luck. he eventually got away from the officers but ended up getting t-boned -- >> what does t-bone mean? >> there you watch right there. there's t-boned. a little further down the road.
6:35 am
somehow, the guy was not seriously hurt. he was taken into custody. apparently before, among other things, being an idiot. >> right. i'm not sure -- >> editorialize there. >> good thing he had a helmet on. he won't get a ticket. a stretch of i-70 that went through st. louis may no longer be known as mark mcgwire highway if a state lawmaker has his way. he says the same guy that got the highway named for the former cardinal slugger wants his name removed. he admitted by the way he used steroids last month but because he kept getting injured. he said it's inappropriate to honor a player that left a black mark on the national pastime. >> all right. meanwhi meanwhile, let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise. i-70 that runs through missouri. actually coast to coast for the most part, it's nice and dry. we have a little bit of rain moving through portions of the northeast today and it's mixed with snow. i had three inches of snow when i walked out my door this morning. meanwhile, it's heavy on the eastern shores of lake ontario at this hour.
6:36 am
also, we got a whole bunch of snow and wintry mix falling across the great state of texas at this hour. temperaturewise, currently, it is cold. feels like winter. it's 10 in minneapolis. 15 in kansas city and freezing in cleveland. later on today, things are going to warm up in the mid atlantic. it should be 62 it degrees in raleigh. 34 in kansas city. down along the gulf coast, they're going to have 61 in new orleans. tampa is going to be almost at 70 again today. temperatures through portions of texas will be in the 20's, 30's and 40's and as you can see right there, caribou, maine today clocking in at 36 degrees. >> yeah. all right. >> what's up? >> when you think of ice dancing, how many people think brian kilmeade? >> not me. >> i do. >> you do? >> thanks for playing along, allison. it helps in my transition. >> you mean on thin ice? >> that's fine. ok. hey, a north american ice dancing pair has never captured gold at the winter games until
6:37 am
now. tesser virtue and scott moyer of canada put on this, nothing but dazzling. incredible display easily taking the top spot. this is two time u.s. champion merrill davis and charlie white danced to a rendition. let's take this in for a second. twist her around the head and wait for the medals to flood in. they came in silver. germans catching up to us. they're four behind. if they get close, we'll stop keeping the medal count. meanwhile, if they overtake us. norway is closer but it's always winter there and people feel very comfortable in winter. a college in connecticut had 223 consecutive squash matches going into the national championship match against yale. you know that. now make it 224 straight. they can just -- you can't fake squash enthusiasm. check out the smack talk being
6:38 am
dished out by this man after his win seals the trinity title. there he goes. look at that, baby. squash takes no prisoners. congratulations. congratulations to trinity on the 12th straight national title and it's all about -- it's all about how you win, not whether you win or lose. it's how you scream at the other guy in the face. >> brian, thank you. that report was mesmerizing or as you would say memorizing. >> i remember the mesmerizing performance. >> good. >> drop the z. >> and it happens. >> speaking from dropping the z to dropping a title. acorn, you know about acorn, remember, famously those guys from big ran the video that showed the guy posing as a pimp and then the woman posing as the hooker, went into acorn. that really did them a lot of damage. they wound up getting all sorts of their money withheld by the federal government, stuff like that. now, they realize hey, when you
6:39 am
say acorn, people think bad organization. corrupt. now, they're going to rebrand. brilliant. >> it's going to be dissolved as a national structure so now it's going to be a local community orpganization. it's going to have new banner, new bylaws and new name. all that is great if they also change the underlying problem that some people think it's not a legitimate organization and it's full of corruption and that it tried to help a pimp and prostitute set up a brothel for young -- for children, for child prostitution. >> how about this? it's now called the new york community for change. they're going to go back to original charter of helping people avoid foreclosure and get loans. in the reception area, they noticed in the brooklyn area, they did this change over in california after the scandal with san bernadino and san diego, they say warning to receptionists, do not answer phones without important, new direction from america. wow. how are you going to get new
6:40 am
direction from america if you don't pick up the phone? get a billboard outside? >> interoffice memo, somebody will have to talk about it. let's take you back to the period of time before the barack obama was elected president. during the campaign, the republicans and critics of his tried to remind people, hey, you know, this guy used to work for acorn. he used to be involved in acorn and they said, look what acorn is up to and he was part of that. and i'll tell you what, the campaign pushed back and said, at no point was barack obama involved in acorn directly. he was involved in a motor voter thing in illinois but just barely. well, take a look at some videotape that daryl issa, the congressman from california's office uncovered way before that. this is -- this is conclusive. watch. >> you know you've got a friend in me and i definitely welcome acorn's input. you don't have to ask me about that. i'm going to call you even if you didn't ask me. when i ran project vote, voter
6:41 am
registration drive in illinois, you know, acorn was smack dab in the middle of it. once i was elected, there wasn't a campaign that acorn worked on down in springfield that i wasn't right there with you. since i've been in the united states senate, i've been always a partner with acorn as well. i've been fighting with acorn, alongside acorn on issues you care about my entire career. >> ok. >> i don't think that's such of a bombshell. here's why. i really don't. because he did work for project vote. it's an off shoot, same thing. i would be a lot more shocked this morning if he said it today after all those videotapes and those videotapes came out. >> he told six months ago, he told george stephanopoulos and he was asked about his role in it, he said he doesn't amount to much. i'm not involved with acorn, and know about their ties. here he's saying i know about you. i've been there from the beginning. >> that one is -- >> yeah, maybe next hour, i know
6:42 am
sean had it last night and i think glenn beck had it, too, he led with the george stephanopoulos bite of him saying six months ago, i don't know why you keep bringing up acorn. they have nothing to do with it and i'm paraphrasing and then you come up with that, it looks troublesome. >> it looks a lot different than the way the campaign portrayed his involvement with acorn before he was elected. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. the big news in politics is scott brown joined 55 democrats yesterday and voted for the jobs bill. on the senate side. well, interestingly enough, the senate boss, harry reid had a stunning comment regarding men who are out of work. listen. >> i have met with people when i was home dealing with domestic abuse. it has gotten out of hand. why? men don't have jobs. women don't have jobs either but women aren't abusive most of the time. men when they're out of work
6:43 am
tend to become abusive. >> i wonder how abusive he would be if he's out of work after this next election. >> first off, congratulations to your gender. i know you're frustrated in not having jobs but thanks for not beating up men. >> that's not exactly true. harry reid has a history of saying very controversial things. he didn't even talk to one of his former staffers and said oh, yeah, that's something we were always concerned about, when harry was way off script. and so, you know, is staff approving this? is this out of his head? i'm concerned about it. is there any fact based to this. >> i'll look into this next hour. i have a problem with it. he was reading off a paper. meanwhile, straight ahead, there you go. go ahead, i'll cover for you. you know the census does not distinguish between illegal and legal aliens and u.s. citizens. how this could change the political landscape of this nation you're in next. >> and then suffer from the winter blues? you could get special treatment at work while the rest of your colleagues work their butt off. is this fair or even legal? that's coming up next.
6:44 am
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6:47 am
>> they're being told to stand and be counted. thousands of illegal immigrants are being encouraged to participate in the 2010 census and the numbers could drastically change, obviously the political landscape out there. >> we asked the director of the census bureau in an interview last month. here's what he had to say. >> the census is a deeply constitutional thing. it's in article one, section 2. it's right up in the front. citizens of the united states. it says to count persons in -- where they usually live. their usual abode so since 1790, believe it or not, every decade, we've counted all persons. >> if you count persons and not citizens. joining us right now is a
6:48 am
financial analyst. we're counting people including illegals and more illegals in the district the better for people in congress because they're going to redraw thing. >> basically minority communities tend to vote democratic. what's different, we've always done it ever since the beginning of the census, they've counted every individual. what's different this time is the obama administration is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure this time, for the first time that the hispanic community in particular is not under counted because there is such an illegal component of the hispanic neighborhood they're very wary of the census takers and tend not to respond. so not only have they taken a billion dollars in stimulus money, the recovery act to spend on this effort but also, they are partnering with tens of thousands of neighborhood groups, hispanic and black groups and so forth to make sure
6:49 am
they get out of the vote and it's really significant. you know, california, if you did not count their illegal aliens would probably lose eight or nine house seats. i mean, that's a significant thing, right? >> absolutely. excuse me for not knowing this. if you wanted to count me as that, i assume like if i want to get a driver's license, i have to show identification. >> right, they don't have to show anything and i think that's always been the way it is and you can argue that it should be that way because it directs $400 or $500 billion of federal moneys to poor neighborhoods. >> so they used to be required. >> no, never has had an issue about citizenship. and the reason is the census never required that. what's changed again is we're going after these neighborhoods so aaggressively and now we have 12, 15 million illegal immigrants in this country. that was never the issue before. >> ok, and acorn is not happening. >> up to their neck in it and they benefit because they -- their growth is coming from
6:50 am
government workers, government workers stem from expanded government. and we're going to, you know, in those communities, you're going to get expanded government if democrats are elected. it's sort of a several stage involvement. yeah. >> liz peek. >> thank you. >> didn't know about a lot of that stuff. >> you know, it's troubling. it's troubling. >> it is. >> thank you for having me on. >> you want to hit steve? >> ok. >> workers who suffer from seasonal depression are going to get special treatment. is this legal? what about everyone else who has to keep working, is it fair to everybody else who has to keep working that doesn't have that depression. >> we told but a school district accused of secretly switching on laptop web cams inside students' houses. now the feds are getting involved. judge napolitano said the feds should butt out? that's straight ahead. ♪
6:51 am
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>> chicago, of course, recently ruled in favor of special treatment for workers who claim to be afflicted by seasonal affective disorder or sad. the courts determined that employers must accommodate workers affected by sad that may include special light lamps at their desks or more vacation time in the winter. is this really an illness or as some suggest, should they just move on? to debate this issue we welcome fox news analyst and defense attorney meg strickler. the inbox was on fire when we introduced this topic. half and half. half the people said ok, if you give special accommodations for sad, what's next? special accommodations for laziness? >> ok, that's a very good point and if i could preface this so my inbox doesn't get filled. i grew up in a family where my father was a captain in the
6:55 am
army, grandpa was a boxer. if i was like i'm depressed, it's january, dad. i can't get out of bed. he would take off his belt and whack me. that's where i'm coming from. however, this has been proven by the doctors and stuff to be a psychological and a biological condition. >> it has not been proved. >> it says right here, the lawyer said it, it's got to be true. then it's a biological condition and all they're asking for, allison, is a teacher that says i need a classroom with a natural sunlight. >> no one would object to a special light in the classroom. however, what about more vacation time, coming in late, more sick days? >> sounds good. >> i'm afflicted with i hate morning syndrome. ok? and my employer will not accommodate me. look, i'm here! ok? this is ridiculous. this is a good example of a very good law the americans with disability act with bad ruling here. >> no -- first of all, we have our health and we can never take it for granted. right now, i'm healthy. this is like ecstasy, right? i'm healthy.
6:56 am
but if you really get diagnosed with depression, it's your brain. >> this is a seasonal affective disorder. >> i know, the d.s.m. doesn't acknowledge a lot of things. >> we all know depression is real and debilitating and serious. this isn't just an off shoot of depression? >> it is an off shoot but it's not depression itself. when we have the courts saying sad, it's a part of a depresssive episode and not depression, we're getting out of control and now we have to have employers accommodate all people that have issues. >> can we agree, it's really up to the doctors to make an accurate diagnosis. >> but not the first place -- >> no, the workplace should accommodate you. >> the workplace should not accommodate. everybody is going to have to be doing this. >> i predict another full inbox. arthur and meg, thanks so much for coming in. coming up, the president's poll numbers at record lows. some think he needs to sack
6:57 am
advisors like rahm emanuel. we'll talk to one of the president's former campaign advisors about this and bill clinton says obama may not get reform passed and he knows why. is he repeating clinton's mistakes of 2004? major garrett sits down with the former president. not sure if that's the right here. with the speed and power of a pro surfer at pipeline ? does it bring you the web in all its glory... all its intended pixels... allowing you to reach the farthest expanses of its universe, deepest depths of its oceans without getting as much as a grain of sand in your shorts ? droid does. wave-shredding web speed. in a world of doesn't... right now buy a 3g smartphone and get a second one free. like the droid. only from verizon. inrease in 6 mths. pete, back it up! ( marker squeaking ) when business travel leaves you drained,
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of the breasts can occur. avodart is for men only. women should not take or handle avodart... due to risk of a specific birth defect. today's the day to talk to your doctor... about your urinary symptoms and find out... if avodart is right for you. >> good morning, everyone. it's february 23, 2010. we begin with a fox news alert for you because former vice president dick cheney is in the hospital this morning after experiencing chest pains. we're live outside the hospital in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> and a brand new admission of guilt by a terrorist who planned to attack new york city subway stations on the anniversary of 9/11. just months ago. so does this prove the courts, the civilian courts can handle terrorists? we'll examine, explore and more. >> meanwhile, brian, a school district accused of secretly switching on laptop web cams inside their students' homes and
7:01 am
now the feds are getting involved. good. meanwhile, our slogan this hour comes from jim down in texas. begin each day with all the news mixed with glee from the "fox & friends" group in studio e! >> i'm freddie prinze junior from "24" and you're "fox & friends." >> by the way, he is one of these celebrities, should we have chosen him, he probably would have hung out with us. we bonded in a way that goes beyond description. that slogan had to be submitted by an insider. how many people know this is studio e. >> even i don't know this is studio e. >> i mentioned it was studio e at the beginning of the last hour. >> ok. all right. then it's a very astute viewer who is actually paying attention. they're not -- >> nobody has ever rhymed with glee, though. >> by the way, the cast of glee invited to the white house by michelle obama and i got to say your segment 10 minutes ago was the number one email item yesterday by a wide margin.
7:02 am
people can't get enough of this sunlight problem and it's linked to depression. >> because it's february so a lot of people are suffering from sad, send us an email if you want to weigh in on that. in the meantime, we have to get to the news. we start with a fox news alert. former vice president dick cheney waking up in a washington hospital this morning after suffering from chest pains. joining us from outside george washington university hospital is fox's kelly wright. kelly, do we know about his condition? >> allison, good morning to you. we don't know the full extent of his condition right now. we have not heard from his doctors or his family members or even a spokesperson at this particular point in time. what we do know, though, it's been said that he's actually relaxing, recovering -- and being comfortable over night. they've been keeping him there and they're look at him very closely and, of course, they'll do a later evaluation today, sometime today and we'll get those updates for you as soon as we possibly can. but we also know on fact that the vice president came here on monday as a result of experiencing chest pains and any time that happens with dick cheney, he knows the right thing
7:03 am
to do and that's to get to a doctor or hospital as quickly as possible. the last time we saw the former vice president publicly was several days ago. he was attending the -- the cpac conference. and he was a surprise guest at that event, introduced to the thunderous applause of conservatives there by his daughter, liz. cheney has been dealing with heart trouble, as you know, since he was about 37 years old. that's when he experienced his first of four heart attacks over his lifetime. the former vice president and former president george w. bush were scheduled to have a reunion with former staffers in the washington area this friday. president bush's spokesman saying that the president, former president will be in town for the marine corps university foundation gala on february 25th and 26th, that's when the two were to get together. we don't know if that's still a likely scenario, if they will have a reunion this particular friday or saturday because of
7:04 am
what's happening here. we hope to get more details about the former vice president's condition in this hospital. but again, a lot of people know that he has experienced at least four heart attacks over his lifetime. he's 69 years of age right now. he changed his habits, his eating habits, watching his diet and, of course, he's also stating that he tries to work out 30 minutes each day. so we will continue to watch and hope and pray he's doing well. back to you. >> kelly wright, thanks so much for the update from outside the hospital. let's get to the rest of your headlines because former senate majority leader and republican presidential candidate bob dole is also in the hospital this morning. he's recuperating after a bout with pneumonia. he was admitted to walter reed hospital in washington with a respiratory condition three weeks ago and he's recovering from a knee operation. the 86-year-old hopes to be back at work in a few weeks. he still works as a lawyer and lobbyist. congress gets its first crack at toyota executives this morning. house lawmakers will grill the company's american president, james lent, about toyota's huge
7:05 am
recalls. this as the u.s. launches a criminal investigation into toyota's safety problems. the company's president tells "the wall street journal" his company has stumbled badly saying "it's clear to me that in recent years, we did not listen as carefully as we should or respond as quickly as we must to our customers' concerns." toyota will be on the hill tomorrow. just released this morning, wall street bonuses were up 17% last year. >> thank goodness. >> the same year the taxpayers continued to bail out banks with billions of dollars. it's so demoralizing. i can hear you guys sighing. it's shocking when you read this ne news. bonuses totalled more than $20 million. the largest securities firm could top a record $55 billion last year. figures coming from new york comptroller this morning. meanwhile, one of jay leno's first guests when he returns to "the tonight show" in march will be none other than former alaska governor sarah palin.
7:06 am
she will appear the second night of the show's return, march 2nd. joining palin on the couch will be olympic gold medalist snow border shaun white. >> i wonder if he'll return to the number one slot or people see him as damaged goods. >> maybe they'll forget. >> letterman has had a good run. >> i think all people think about is late night tv. i don't think people have anything else on their mind. i doubt people ever forget. >> let's talk about something you think a lot about and that is terror, and of course, this administration has made it very clear they are going to prosecute terrorists in criminal civilian court. well, yesterday, in criminal civilian court, the case of zazi came up. he pleaded guilty to all sorts of things like conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction. conspiring to kill u.s. soldiers abroad. giving support to al-qaida. he faces life in prison. here's the important thing. this is just not some nut.
7:07 am
this is a guy who and brian detailed it perfectly in the first hour. a kid from flushing high school here in the new york city area who became upset with the united states, went over to pakistan. learned how to build bombs. he was this guy, that guy was a full blown al-qaida operative and yesterday it was very clear that we have not come this close to a terror attack of this magnitude since 9/11. >> and the backpacks, they had the materials, he had the plan. it was going to be subways. he had the terror training. he had already bought the beauty supplies that were going to be boiled down and cooked it up in his apartment so it was just being transported over. he became aware that he was being followed but he was meeting up with his two cohort who's had the similar plan. let's go join the taliban and fight the u.s. in afghanistan. al-qaida got word of this and said wait a second, an american citizen that could get back into the country without being suspected? so he can get back in? we're going to use you, we're going to train you, he said, all right, i'm ready for martyrdom.
7:08 am
i'm going to kill myself in order to alert the world of america's atrocities in afghanistan. great police work, great detective work, the f.b.i. should be saluted. they track him down and get rid of a bunch of detonators. they check out all the storage facilities, hundreds upon hundreds. they cannot find the other material but they stopped him. they say it's at least 10 plots have been stopped since 9/11 through new york city. >> you know where the stuff was, the peroxide and stuff like that, because he was stopped by the cops on the george washington bridge because they thought he might blow up the bridge because they had followed him all the way from denver, he went to a friend's apartment and flushed the stuff down the toilet. that's why they couldn't find it and at that time, people were going why didn't they grab him without the stuff? they did it too soon. everybody is saying they did it exactly right. >> this morning, we know he was much closer to actually pulling this off than we knew before. this wasn't some theoretical plan he had. he had, as you said, all the ingredients and he was going to do it the next week after he was
7:09 am
arrested. ok. so eric holder, the attorney general has come out and said this is evidence that we can do it, folks. we do get great intelligence out of these folks when we do it in the civilian process as opposed to military tribunal and we do get long sentences. he has now pleaded guilty to conspiring to using weapons of mass destruction. let's hear from holder. then we will debate that. >> ok. >> in this case, as it has been in so many other ones, the criminal justice system has proved to be an invaluable weapon for destructing plots and incapacitating terrorists. one that works in concert with our intelligence community and in concert with our military. we will continue to use it to protect the american people from terrorism. as i've stated on other occasions, the criminal justice system also contains powerful incentives to induce pleas that yield long sentences and that gain intelligence that can be used in the fight in the war against al-qaida. >> now, one thing, proceponent
7:10 am
would say that eric holder is mixing apples and oranges. zazi is an american citizen and he was not captured on the battlefield. he was captured here at home as he was driving to or from new york. so they would say that what using that broad model of, look, this is how we deal with terrorists doesn't necessarily apply to k.s.m., khalid sheikh mohammed, because zazi is in a different category. >> the leverage they used, we're going to deport your mom and charge your mom with immigration violations. he said all right, you got me. i'll talk. the other guy, the underwear bomber got his father, can you convince your son after three weeks to start talking? >> let me get this straight. so this guy was singing like a canary and starting cooperate because the feds said we will deport your mother away from the country that you want to destroy? >> i also want to know this, the e mom that he called up to say tell me about new york city
7:11 am
and how to get wrong, why is e mom allowed out? that makes no sense to me. meanwhile, let's talk about health care. i know it involves you and i know you're looking forward to the summit on thursday to find out if anything substantive will happen. well, as we look at the proposal, the blueprint they're calling it out of the white house, it looks a lot like the senate version. and some are surprised that the president of the united states after being knocked on his heels for three weeks with the election in massachusetts of scott brown would go back so big and so broad like he felt even though there are 41 republican votes to stop his bill from coming through, are you surprised this plan is still on the table. republicans seem flabbergasted. >> that so many people hated so-called obama care before and as we detailed on this program yesterday, there are even more government regulations with oversight, an oversight panel on whether or not some company is going to find up getting an excessive rate increase. anyway, yesterday, bill clinton sat down with our own major garrett and they talked a little
7:12 am
bit about health care in a historic way. watch. >> i don't know if it was an overreach. i think they either needed to move faster or slower. >> ok. >> and he was talking about, too, an overreach, faster or slower and he compared it to 1994, the trouble he had, you know, he wrote out the plan with hillary clinton. they had a series of summits and he said here's my plan. what do you think? he got blown up and got hammered with the democratic party at the mid-term election. does he see similarities from then and now? listen. >> i think that same thing happened. the health care is hard to do, but i thought it would happen this time because all the trends that prompted me to act are worse. >> and here's what's interesting. many people from the clinton administration, i think, rahm emanuel is well known as being one of them, counseled president obama on a slower, more incremental approach rather than doing something so ambitious because they were burned in 1994
7:13 am
from doing a major overhaul, i think it was rahm emanuel who in the white house said let's do this a little slower and the president decided against doing it piecemeal. he believed in this bigger, more ambitious plan that, obviously, people are very nervous about and hasn't worked. >> we'll talk a little bit about rahm emanuel coming up. president obama's poll numbers a little grim. is it because of his stats? some say he needs to find new advisors including rahm emanuel so who should stay who should go? obama's former campaign director will answer that live. >> should teachers be fired if students don't do well on tests? one city is doing just that. some teachers say it's not fair. let's debate it. i have time. ♪ [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze, my eyes water. but with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®,
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>> president obama's approval rating has dipped below 50% with the disapproval now at 54%. that's not good.
7:17 am
some argue it's because obama needs a new staff or at least a shakeup. so who should stay and who should go? we're joined by steve hildebrand, the former deputy campaign manager for barack obama. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what do you think -- there's an article in "the washington post" that suggested you don't want to get rid of rahm emanuel. he's one of the smart guys there that said, mr. president, when it comes to health care, go small. don't have the big thing but the liberal wing sucked him in and now we've got this big thing we're trying to jam through. >> look, dana milbank, consummate washington journalist, been there probably two decades, "washington post" describes the column as washington political theater. >> sure. >> and you know, he's trying to shake things up a little bit. i'm close to all these people. know all of them well. and it's a very good, cohesive group and the president, you know, both demands loyalty and provides loyalty. and i know the kind of
7:18 am
atmosphere that is there and it's very collegial. >> for instance, in the article yesterday, it said rahm is the only person keeping barack obama from becoming jimmy carter. barack obama, the first year would have fallen apart because he didn't listen to rahm's advice. do you buy that? do you think rahm emanuel should stay? >> i think rahm should stay. i think david axelrod should stay. >> his core of strategic advisors should be in place. >> i think bringing david into a more active role as an outside advisor, i think is terrific. >> seems like it's a campaign or political thing, not really governing. >> look at what dana milbank said, let's replace valerie jarrett who is not a washington insider with an old washington hand. is that what washington needs right now? is that what the white house needs right now? i don't think so. i think we need some outsiders, need some outside perspective. >> well, what do you make of the fact that people are going, well, you know, we like obama a lot so, you know, he's doing
7:19 am
some stuff that we don't like. he must be getting bad advice. >> look, as president in things that he can control, he's really done quite well. he doesn't control congress. whether democrats are in charge or not, he doesn't control congress. and there's a lot of gridlock up there. they all admit it. they're all part of it. if we don't get special interest money out of politics, you know accide , we're not moving the ball. we're not doing the work for the american people. you know it, i know it. it's clear the american people know it. congress is broke and we got to fix it and that's a much bigger problem than who is advising the president. >> we're broke and yet, the president is proposing to all of these spending things of numbers that are impossible for us to chew on. >> actually, what -- >> i thought we were out of money. how can we be spending so much? >> the president's health care plan reduces the deficit over the first decade. that's very important to recognize. it also provides real important coverage for people that don't have it. >> interestingly enough -- >> congress should support that.
7:20 am
>> the congressional budget office is not going to have enough time to score what the white house put out yesterday before the -- >> what the house passed, what the senate passed both cut the deficit, the president's plan is not that much different. >> we'll see what happens. thank you so much for coming on the curvy couch today. >> any time. >> all right. 20 after the top of the hour. we've been following this one closely. a school district accused of spying on students with their laptops, turning on the cameras. it's crazy. now the f.b.i. is involved. thank goodness. and remember janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction? it's back. why she is still dealing with the controversy. @c it's not fun. my dry skin
7:21 am
is deep down uncomfortable. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena moisture wrap body lotion wraps and seals hydration deep inside, improving skin's condition 2x more than eucerin original. heal on a deeper level. [ female announcer ] new moisture wrap body lotion.
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>> another day, though. time for a look at your news by the numbers. first, $1 million. that's how much a rare copy of the first superman comic was sold for. it dates back to 1938.
7:24 am
the original price -- a dime. next, $3,000. that's how much damage a teenager's belt buckle caused a wooden floor when break dancing at a house party. homeowners apparently have -- i don't know if that's the video from the house party. and last, $1.68 million. that's how much one woman paid to have lunch with billionaire warren buffet. it was all for charity. she's going to be able to chew his ear off and listen to his stock tips for an hour. >> does that include the b.l.t. he ordered? >> good question. >> all right. we have an update on a story that so many of you have been following for the past week. that suburban philadelphia school distributed at the center of a computer spying scandal is being investigated by the district attorney's office and the f.b.i.. >> i think i know the story you're talking about. the school district acknowledges that the web cams were used 42 times in the past 14 months. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano says under no circumstances can the school intrude into the home
7:25 am
physically or digitally without a search warrant issued by a judge. thanks for joining us. that's how you feel. you can go now. >> so this is -- the school is in a lot of trouble. >> school is in a lot of trouble for a couple of reasons. remember, the school is the government. it's a school board and they basically through a laptop intruded into the home and observed private behavior in the home. they may very well have observed because one young 15-year-old student said the laptop was on in in her bedroom when she was showering and the view of her in the shower was picked up by the laptop. pictures of children in the nude constitutes child pornography under federal law. that's what the feds are investigating. they're also investigating violation of privacy laws which prohibit the government from coming into the home directly or digitally without a search warrant. >> the school says that they only activated the laptops because there was a report of a missing laptop and they were trying to see if it had been stolen or where the laptop had gone. do they have any case? >> no, like shooting for a
7:26 am
mosquito with a bazooka, that's not the way to do it. you can put a g.p.s. into a laptop without spying on the people that are in full view of that little bubble camera on the top. >> you know the school taxes usually pay for the schools. correct? this school is on the hook for how much, millions of dollars. >> they probably have insurance for this. which, of course, will raise their insurance rates but they are on the hook for millions of dollars for invasion of privacy and some of these people, depending upon what they looked at and what they saved on the computer, could be people from the school, could be criminal defendants in a prosecution for possession of child pornography. >> if they didn't save something, if it was just live, will we know what they really looked at? >> it would depend on the hard drive. i don't think you could ever erase it. in fairness to them like everybody, if something pops up on the screen that is it is illegal to possess, if you delete it, you're not going to be prosecuted. if you save it or look at it or
7:27 am
pass it on, that would trigger the prosecution. that's what the feds are looking for. >> see you on the radio in a couple of hours. >> good to see you. >> you, too. shocking disclosure from the justice department, several judicial appointees have ties to suspects being held at guantanamo bay. >> no kids left behind means leaving teachers out of a job. some could be let go if their kids fail. we'll debate the issue. (announcer) metamucil with psyllium fiber supports your health in 4 ways it helps your natural cleansing process helps lower cholesterol. promotes overall well being and provides a good source of natural fiber try metamucil, in powders, capsules and fiber singles.
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the new luxury collection lease. >> this is a fox news alert. we're getting word of a shooting and fatal crash at luke air force base in arizona. the base is located in glendale, arizona near the stadium where the arizona cardinals play. officials say a car with two people drove through the security gate. the drivers apparently aimed the car for a security officer and he shot back and that's when the car crashed. we're just getting word of this. obviously, we'll bring you more information as soon as we have it in the newsroom. >> investigators are saying they do not believe the incident is tied to any type of terrorism. >> that's good to know. thank you. >> they always say that right away. >> they do. i guess just to relax people. >> of course. >> by the way, you're in for gretchen today. good to see you, gretchen feeling a little under the weather. perhaps will be back tomorrow. now is the time for the rest of
7:32 am
the headlines. general stanley mccrystal is apologizing to the afghan people after civilians were killed in an air strike. in it, he expresses sadness and says forces are trying to protect the afghan people. afghan leaders have been calling on nato and american forces to be more careful with their air strikes. a whole bunch of innocent afghans were killed by the taliban yesterday. i wonder if they'll apologize later. >> yeah, good point. meanwhile, he was a district attorney when university of alabama shooting suspect amy bishop shot and killed her brother in 1986. well, now, massachusetts congressman william delahunt is breaking his silence. he blames local police for letting bishop get away with the alleged crime. >> we can only function and operate on the information that we have. i'm perplexed as to why those charges were not sought and why he was release.
7:33 am
>> we are all as well. bishop is accused of killing three colleagues at the university of alabama in huntsville. apparently it had to do with tenure, she was denied. >> he was the d.a. he was supposed to follow the charges. i'd like to hear more about that. meanwhile, the supreme court hears a challenge to a government terrorism law today. at the heart of the case is whether a provision banning, giving material support to terrorists violates free speech. some americans want to be able to do that. human rights groups say the law is prevent that go from doing humanitarian and rebuilding work among peaceful groups overseas. steve, how is the weather? >> glad you asked. let's look at the map and we got a storm system moving through portions of texas at this hour. it's bringing a little bit of snow in north texas and rain in in the central portions. it's a slippery mix there and throughout portions of the northeast today. kind of a wintry mix as well. all the way from jersey right up through portions of new england. we had a little bit of shower activity overnight in florida but it, for the most part, is nice and dry.
7:34 am
it is cold outside if you are living in minneapolis and st. paul. 11 right now there. 15 in kansas city. looks like it's 34 degrees currently in memphis. and temperatures, as you can see right along the northeast in the 30's. along the atlantic ocean and then you've got some 60's down south along the gulf side of the great state of florida, 63 right now in tampa. later on today, warming up to 62 in raleigh. 20's in the northern plains and if you're already up at 4:34 pacific time, los angeles today, 64 will be the high temperature. >> remember janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction? it's back. >> yeah. why? >> a federal appeals court is re-examining the fine they threw out against cbs over the incident during the 2004 super bowl halftime show. an appeals court in philadelphia this morning will consider whether the $550,000 is
7:35 am
permissible. the lower court threw out that fine in 2008 saying they acted arbitrarily for issuing that fine in the half second of nudity. long half second. >> that's sports event and for the complete sports rundown, we turn to bob costas. >> right, who is focusing on ice dancing. i have about six inches on him but he has a deeper voice. for only the third time since ice dance became an olympic sported in 1976 and who can forget that day, a russian or soviet did not win the dance gold. tesser virtue and scott moore and i can't get enough of this, of canada put on a dazzling performance. knocked the russian right off the traditional spot. by the way, the russians are in deep mourning. it has nothing do with the sunlight but performance in the olympics. two time olympic champions rode a -- look up, allison. >> look at that. >> a mesmerizing rendition of
7:36 am
"phantom of the opera." they took home a silver medal. to me, they are pure gold. the russians finished third and probably refused to take the podium. here's the latest medal count. the germans are getting close. norweigians and russians aren't. canada trailing but they are home. meanwhile, football, big news out of the national football league, ladamien tomlinson has been released by san diego chargers, he's 30 years old. future hall of famer but not worth the money anymore. tomlinson, second on the all time rushing list behind emmitt smith. you got to wonder how much is left in the tank because he broke a lot of tackles and was tackled a lot. he had a career low yards this year. texans are rumored to be interested. you have to wonder, too, how much longer, you know, what san diego will do for a running back. that's what allison will talk about with me during the break. coming up on "brian & the judge" amongst our guests wannabe senator from pennsylvania, thomas defrank who wrote those great books about gerald ford as
7:37 am
a political insider and dan gurstein on the democratic side of things. >> fantastic. all right, let's talk a little -- we'll be tube side, tube side. >> we'll also be tube side and listening in. >> thank you. >> we can multitask. let's talk a little bit about this. you know, this administration and this department of justice regarding terrorists as they're going to haul them into civilian criminal court. you wonder, well, who made that decision? well, you know, eric holder, the president of the united states, they formulated that. as it turns out, at least nine of president obama's appointees to the department of justice have either represented gitmo detainees. they were their attorneys or advocated for gitmo detainees and this is extraordinary. deborah burlingame whose brother was killed on 9/11 says it's like they're bringing al-qaida lawyers inside the department of justice. >> senator grassley said, hey, i'm just curious, attorney general holder, who is -- who
7:38 am
are your appointees? what are their backgrounds? it took three months to get this memo back. when it's all said and done, five defended gitmo detainees and four, what's the term they used -- >> friend of the court. they filed a brief on behalf of them. >> you would say advocate in their cause. >> yes, you could also say these are just defense attorneys doing their job. you know, defense attorneys don't shy away from doing the hardest cases of mafiasos or suspected terrorists or mass murderers. in some ways, that's what they went to school for. they believe in giving them defense. that's what they would say. that's what eric holder has said. he says look, we'll be able to gain from their expertise. that's the argument on the other side. >> and the argument continues, you know, are they -- if they represented these guys, are they sympathetic to the al-qaida cause? let's take a look at the big screen over there and a guy whose picture is on the left side, neil katal, i believe you pronounce it, the deputy solicitor general, he was the
7:39 am
attorney for osama bin laden's driver. remember that guy? well, he was -- >> you just have to wonder if they are really serving justice, let alone that's the big picture. but in the short term, the president. i mean, since khalid sheikh mohammed's been flown to new york city, that started the president's disapproval down slide and that has been widely derided from coast to coast. and now even by democratic senators, you can't be bringing them to new york city, at the cost of $200 million a year. could it be those nine and minimum of nine people who seem to have a sympathetic ear and being determined to close guantanamo bay. >> the one about the driver is an interesting case in point because he was found guilty in a military tribunal. bin laden's driver was found guilty, one of the three in a military tribunal so that attorney didn't save him from being found guilty. but the law does insist they get lawyers. somebody has to defend them. >> in court. >> you have to if you're the
7:40 am
defense attorney. >> would you say it's note worthy there was a big rush the day the president took office to close gitmo and that was a deadline he wasn't able to keep and a lot of people have been focusing on that and maybe it was somebody else's agenda. >> and we should say that driver only got, i think, five months so he did not get a very long sentence. on the other side, you could say that was not helpful for america as a whole. >> so that means that guy on the big board did a good job on his behalf. all right. let's talk a little bit this. why is it they have these document dumps on fridays so there's not a lot of news coverage of it. the latest document dump shows a whole bunch of documents regarding -- you know this brouhaha between nancy pelosi and the c.i.a. very famously she said within the last year or so, those guys come up to capitol hill, the c.i.a. guys, and they lie to us all the time. well, she has suggested she never knew about the waterboarding stuff but now some documents have come out that say maybe that's not so much the case.
7:41 am
listen to this little soundbite first and then we'll explain. >> the c.i.a. briefed me only once on enhancing interrogation techniques in december it was 2002 in my capacity as ranking member of the intelligence committee. i was informed then that the department of justice opinions had concluded that the use of enhanced interrogation techniques were legal. the only mention of waterboarding at that briefing was that it was not being employed. >> not right. she was briefed, apparently, more than once. >> right. that's what this document dump has revealed this morning. she says she was briefed only once in september of 2002. according to these documents just released, she actually was also briefed april 24, 2002, five months before she says she was and they did talk about waterboarding. >> right. and it's also nowhere in these breach memos, pulled by the freedom of information act that
7:42 am
jane harmon is on record i'm not really for this. do we know it works? should we be waterboarding? that was back in 2002 and 2003 where i guarantee you 93% of you watching had no idea what waterboarding was. >> nancy pelosi very strongly has said if i would have known about waterboarding i would have stopped it. apparently she was in the room. she could have stopped it. and apparently, she did not. >> all right. straight ahead, the president puts his plan for health care on plan but we still can't even tell for sure how much it's going to cost. what's the white house leaving out? it's prescription time for the truth. >> should teachers be fired if their kids are failing? that's what's happening in one major city and we have a fair and balanced debate. teachers are upset about this, as you can imagine. >> first, the trivia question of the day -- does your phone do searches ?
7:43 am
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but only vegetables can give you vegetable nutrition. one of these will get you more than half way to your five daily servings. v8. what's your number? >> i feel like i should talk to peter johnson jr. or fight crime. in advance of thursday's health care summit, president obama posted his proposal for what health care reform on line will look like according to him. but something is missing and that's why peter johnson jr. is here with the fancy music with the prescription for truth. >> good morning. >> what is missing? >> well, numbers. how much the tax increase is going to be. there is no congressional budget office estimate. they're calling it a blueprint. i'm calling it some sketches in a cafe on a napkin. that's basically what we have. 100 to 125 paragraphs in the
7:47 am
white house web site for a transformation of 20% of our economy. it's laughable in some respects. >> the president says it's got to be deficit neutral. >> i don't know what it is. >> and they've said we cannot figure out how much it costs because we don't have enough detail. >> there is no detail. what one senior administration official called it in one newspaper was the last exit for gas on the interstate. this last ditch effort by the white house to push this through. what it really is is an effort to encourage democrats to take a suicidal leap off it in a sacrificial move to ensure the president's second term. they're saying listen, if you don't do this, you're not going to be re-elected but if you continue to do this, you're probably not going to be re-elected at the will of the american people says that this is wrong. >> we do know this which is included in the bill and i know you can't read thousands of pages so we will. here's some of the bullet points. >> it's not thousands of pages. >> right. purchase health insurance or face higher fine so they're not going to make you buy insurance.
7:48 am
they're going to push you to get it. >> no, they're going to make you to buy it. it's a mandate. individual mandate. you must buy insurance. you must buy it. >> deeper medicare cuts, tax increases, and more spending. >> medicare advantage in the dumper, higher taxes for people earning over $200,000. and this costs more than the senate plan. >> they take the secretary of health and human services and put them in charge of deciding how much private insurance can raise rates. >> ok. what "the wall street journal" called that today is part of a managed medical economy. do we want the government and this is something we have to look at, all americans, do we want the government to engage in price fixing? do we want the government to say, ok, this must cost x. now, we know that when government price fixing gets involved, it lowers -- it's never worked and it reduces the ability of people to access staples and services. what about the free economy? obviously, the anthem thing is
7:49 am
outrageous but the anthem thing is not the norm in america where they're trying to take the rates up 39% and state regulators are saying, listen, we're doing a good job in america. the federal government shouldn't get involved in this. it's missing, though, malpractice reform. it's missing, though, the ability to buy insurance over state lines. so when the president says this is a bipartisan effort, it's not bipartisan. there's nothing that the republicans have been talking about in this proposal. >> that will come in friday after the summit. >> it will. >> we'll see. because if they don't listen to anything there -- >> can i say one thing before we go? >> it's been 65 years since the battle of iwo jima and the famous raising of the flag. >> and i saw your great interview with mr. bradley this morning. >> whose dad was the second person to push that flag up. >> his dad was at iwo jima and my dad was at iwo jima 65 years ago. he was 23 years old. that's me and my brother chris who is actually a decorated hero detective in new york city. and my father turned out to be one of the great lawyers in america. and he was a corporal wounded at
7:50 am
iwo jima just about 65 years ago. so to see mr. bradley who my father knew well in the hospital, they were in the hospital together, that's a great inspiration for all of us and, unfortunately, marines are still dying and being wounded in our service. that kind of puts all of this in perspective. what we have and what we want to keep and what we share, even the things that divide us, there are more things that unite us in terms of our sacrifice and courage. >> especially back then. >> my father, we honor you and we honor all the marines. >> absolutely. only 16% of those who fought that day got out unscathed. 84% were wounded or killed. >> and my father will still not talk about it in the same way mr. bradley would not talk about it. >> always great. meanwhile, straight ahead -- thanks for joining us. great salute to your dad. teachers in one city are getting bonuses when their kids score well. when the kids fail, they're fired. is the best way for kids to succeed? we'll debate that. in 1991 the number one song "all the man i need" by whitney
7:51 am
houston. that's also what my wife says every day. ring ring. progresso. oh yes hi. can you please put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. anotr person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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7:54 am
>> the answer to the question of the day is tom osborne. the winner is jean from albuquerque, new mexico. congratulations. no child left behind may mean leaving some teachers out of a job. new standardized teacher evaluations in houston are stirring a national debate over whether or not to fire educators who do not produce students with high test scores. is this fair? we're joined now by gale fallon, the president of the houston federation of teachers and terry greer, the houston schools superintendent. thanks so much for joining us. >> glad to be with you. >> i want to start with you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you.
7:55 am
if kids are failing, why shouldn't teachers be fired? >> it's not quite that simple. what you're looking at is how do you measure whether they're failing? what we're doing in houston is not just saying, ok, you had 30 kids and 20 of them failed. we're applying a statistical model that's unproven. >> ok, why then -- >> and the teachers don't understand. >> i don't want to get too bogged down into the statistical model. it doesn't seem like it's complicated metrics to tell you the truth. dr. greer, if kids are getting d's and f's, is it the teacher's responsibility? >> there's no question that teachers are the most important reform strategy any school district could implement. teachers matter. and if we in houston could replace the bottom 10% to 15% of our poorest teachers, with teachers who have the same skill set and get the same results as the top 20% of the teachers in houston, we can eradicate the
7:56 am
achievement gap here in five to six years. >> your response? >> ok. what we're looking at is they give teachers a goal in houston. and they tell them, here's what you're supposed to do. that's fair. the problem is you don't find out your goal until six months after the children have taken the tests that they're being measured on. and that's absurd! you're suddenly told, here was your goal and oops, you missed it. >> ok. >> that's not logical. >> are you setting teachers up to fail with this strange system? >> in houston, we have over 13,000 teachers. about 420 of these teachers are not meeting our children's needs. these are teachers that you would not or no one in america would want their children in their classrooms. we either have to help those teachers meet standards or they have to go. it's hurting children. it's hurting houston. and i think it's going to hurt our entire state, and country.
7:57 am
this to me is almost a civil rights issue. children have a right to a quality education and they all deserve a quality teacher in every one of their classrooms. >> can you argue with that, the bottom wrung of teachers who are not performing, they need to go. >> i absolutely can. in texas, there is no tenure. all the district has to do is write a letter saying in the best interest of the district for the first three years, we hire building principal who's are supposed to go in and observe. we have policies and state laws that already allow them to use test scores. why aren't the administrators doing their job? why do we need to hire an outside consultant who uses a proprietory statistical formula to they will them they're incompetent. >> the good news is they found out the performance pay does improve teaching performance and
7:58 am
grades, quickly, would you approve of paying teachers more who get kids with a's and b's? >> you know, what you're looking at there is -- i saw the study. they studied themselves. i can study my union and say that a teacher who is a member of the houston federation of teachers is a better teacher and by god, our study proves it. i want to see an outside study and there has been none on this method. >> all right. we've run out of time. thanks for joining us to debate this. obviously this will continue. thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> an update now on that fox news alert we brought you. a car speeds through a security gate at luke air force base in arizona and shots are fired. we're going to talk to an officer from the scene in two minutes. and a possible breakthrough in the search for natalee holloway. the primary suspect in the case has apparently confessed. and it was only the second vote
7:59 am
of his short senate career. so who did scott brown side with? the democrats. laura ingram will be here to weigh in on that and much more. (announcer) not just sin headache... but pressure... and congesti. introducing sudafed pe® triple action™. for morcomplete relief from the sinus triple threat. sudafed pe® triple action™. more complete relief.
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good morning, everyone. it's february 23, 2010. here is what's happening. we begin with a fox news alert a. car ran through security gate at luke air force bait in arizona and aimed right for a security guard. shots are fired. we have a live report from the scene for you in two minutes. >> steve: senator harry reid says if you don't have a job, you might beat up your wife. not making that up. here is harry. >> man, when they're out of work, tend to become abusive. >> steve: that's not all. more of his crazy comments coming up straight ahead. >> brian: and this sure wasn't part of the act. wwe wrestler catches fire but still goes on with the show. whoa. >> what a work ethic. >> brian: our slogan this hour,
8:03 am
comes from john in ohio. news and fun, we've got a lot of, with steve, brian and allison camarota. >> steve: today aly is in for gretchen. a shooting and a fatal crash at the luke air force base in arizona. a vehicle ran through the gate. security guards responded. right now joining us on the phone, lieutenant gonzalez, the public information officer at luke. good morning to you, lieutenant. >> good morning, how are you doing? >> steve: okay. so a car last night rams through the gate where there is a guard. another vehicle with a guard pursues. then what happens? >> oh, yeah. at approximately 11:00 p.m., two alleged car thieves ran through one of our gates. so they were confronted by our
8:04 am
forces once inside. we tried to stop them and then the individuals in the car attempted to run through a road block and that's when our security forces opened fire. >> brian: captain, is your gate deceiving that a car thief would think i could get through that? >> no, not at all. actually. it is kind of -- it's unusual for them to not notice they were entering a military installation. >> what do we know about the suspects? >> that the main thing we know, and i spoke with the glendale police department conducting the investigation, is that they're two alleged car thieves and it appears they were just trying to run away and somehow they ended up on the base. >> steve: your forces, captain, the security guy, the two guys in the car were driving at him. he opened fire on them because they were heading right for him. what are the conditions of the two guys? >> from what i understand, one of them is deceased and the other one is injured in the
8:05 am
hospital. they were med vacked last night. >> i don't have to tell you any time something happens on a military base, obviously it cause has great deal of alarm. why are you so confident this morning and other authorities, that this was just two petty car thieves who made a wrong turn? >> well, i think with just initial reporting from the glendale police department, obviously they know more of the story. but yeah. we have no indications at all that this was any kind of terrorist activity. >> brian: had the suspects issue the one that's alive, been questioned? >> i don't know that. you would have to contact the glendale police department. >> brian: could you tell us what they looked like? >> i do not have any description of them. >> brian: did they shoot back? >> not that i'm aware of. >> brian: is that the policy to open fire at somebody approaching the gate that seems to be belligerent or have evil intentions? >> no normally you would open fire if you felt your life was
8:06 am
in danger. >> steve: these two guys were in a vehicle and they were bearing down on the officer. >> right. >> steve: all right. captain gonzalez of the public information office at luke air force base. we thank you very much for getting the information. >> a busy morning. another fox news alert for you because former vice president dick cheney is waking up in a washington hospital this morning after suffering from chest pains. joining us from outside george washington university hospital is kelly wright. tell us what you know at this hour. >> good morning to you. i wish i had another update to give you, but we do not have any updates right now from the family or from spokes people here. we know he's been resting comfortably overnight. he will probably receive later evaluation today from his doctors. it's been a busy night for them, keeping guard over someone they know very well, perhaps all too familiar about his heart attacks. but we know that the former vice president arrived on monday after experiencing chest pains. the last time we saw the former vice president publicly was just
8:07 am
several days ago, if you'll recall. the former vice president was seen a couple of days ago at the cpac conference. he was a surprise guest at that event. during that time, mr. cheney received thunderous applause from his fellow conservatives. mr. cheney has been dealing with heart trouble since he was 37 years old. that's when he experienced his first of four heart attacks over his lifetime. we also understand that the former vice president and former president george w. bush have been scheduled to have a reunion with former staffers in the washington area on friday. that according to president bush's spokesman, says the president will be in town for the marine corps gala on february 25 and 26. we have no word if that reunion will take place between those two because of what's happened here today. we're still waiting word from the hospital or from the spokesperson for the former vice
8:08 am
president to bring us an update in terms of his condition and his prognosis as well as diagnosis. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks so much for the update from outside the hospital. >> brian: laura ingram is here. we love dealing with you every week around this time. >> i love dealing with you, too. >> brian: thank you. because everyone is reaching across and shaking hands and getting love because we're talking about bipartisanship and talking about a jobs bill. susan collins olympia snow and scott brown among the five who reached across party lines to say, okay, harry reid, your jobs bill makes sense. what do you think? >> he is a massachusetts republican, as he reminded everyone. he made the first vote. everybody followed him. obviously brown high up in the alphabet. so he's cast the first vote for the bill. look, i'm of two minds about this. obviously i never would have voted for it and conservatives are uniformly against it. but he said from the beginning, he's going to be his own man and
8:09 am
he's going to forge his own way when he comes to washington and i guess that's what he's doing. i'm beginning to think this is the first step toward bipartisanship. that's having a pretty big opinion of yourself pretty early on in this process. bipartisanship? what does that even mean? our country has no money. we don't have money to spend $15 billion on this. we just need an across the board tax cut to make this environment really hospitable for businesses across the country. >> the way he explained is is that he was going to vote for what was best for massachusetts. he said the bill is not great, but he thinks it will bring jobs to massachusetts, so he wasn't going to go in lock step with republicans and that's why he thinks at least there is this whiff of bipartisanship now in the air. >> he's just falling right into the president obama set trap of oh, if you don't vote with me, then you're being partisan and intolerant and political and as if all the republicans who voted against this aren't voting on principle. they're voting on the principle that scott brown ran on, which
8:10 am
is fiscal sanity and fiscal responsibility. $15 billion of money we do not have that we shouldn't be spending. that is another travisy in a long line of travis tees. i wouldn't be surprised if scott brown has dinner with the president and first lady soon. >> steve: it couldn't start with harry reid. on the floor he had a bipartisan bill. he had republicans, democrats working together on an $85 billion jobs pack. so what does harry reid do? he says, i'm going to blow that up. he wrote his own bill and it's ironic that now this anti--bipartisan bill would be voted on in such a bipartisan way as we sail into the thursday meeting between the white house and the republicans. >> i mean, this whole idea that the country is clamoring for this theoretical idea of
8:11 am
bipartisanship, what the country wants is an america that's strong, growing, that we can leave behind to our children in a better position than we had it when we were growing up. that's what we want. this idea that oh, you have to be bipartisan. no, you don't. you actually have to be right and principled and follow the constitution. that's what i think most americans today want. this whole bipartisanship thing, i've never bought into it. >> brian: press your head to the television because i want to ask you this question. >> steve: she's on the television right now. >> brian: okay, fine. or your ears. harry reid yesterday, on what the unemployment crisis which is at 10%, means to american men. >> i have met with some people while its home in with domestic abuse. it has gotten out of hand. why? men don't have jobs. women don't have jobs either, but women aren't abusive. most of the time. men when they're out of work,
8:12 am
tend to become abusive. >> brian: okay. what is he building off of? what pie chart? >> i guess some staffer gave him some 2004 study about unemployment and abuse in the united states. they said oh, i've run out of ideas and i'm saying the same thing all over again all the time and it's not working, so i'm going to throw out this domestic abuse line. first of all, it totally flies in the face of obviously personal responsibility. men shouldn't hit women regardless if they're rich, parkser out of work, in work. it also stigmatizes the unemployed. because you're unemployed, you're going to whack your wife across the face? i mean, it's so insane and i don't know how much lower harry reid can go, but i imagine that robert gibbs and some at the white house will have to come forward and once again try to clean up harry reid's mess and here we go again. i mean, this is lunacy.
8:13 am
this is where his head is at. >> brian: on behalf of men, i'm angry. >> steve: cool down, buddy. >> brian: i'm going to. we'll find out where this goes from here. stay right here, laura. attorney generic holder says the case of one terrorist proves the american courts can handle. >> here is a look at what happens when an airline passenger apparently has a little too much to drink. >> steve: i wonder if that's an out of workman.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> steve: welcome back. would be subway bomber has
8:17 am
admitted yesterday to planning to attack new york city subways with home made bombs after train not guilty an al-qaeda camp. he pled guilty to terror charges in federal court yesterday and eric holder, the attorney general, says this is proof that we can try these guys in civilian court. >> in this case, as it has been in so many other one, the criminal justice system has proved to be an invaluable weapon for disrupting plots and incapacitating terrorists. the criminal justice system also contains powerful incentives to induce pleas that yield long sentences and that gain intelligence that can be used in the fight in the war against al-qaeda. >> we're back with radio talk show host laura ingram. is what we want -- if what we want is intelligence from them and then a conviction and jail time, why doesn't holder have a point? this one worked? >> let's be clear about why holder went out yesterday. holder went out yesterday
8:18 am
because he's standing in quick san, political quick sand. it was a pr press conference. this was not about prosecutions or what's the best for the united states. this was about his own skin. he's under huge fire for this ridiculous decision to try ksm in new york to try the whole thing in a civil trial. the country is against it, the country doesn't want gitmo closed. all these decisions that are both the president's and his are highly unpopular. so he comes forward and says, oh, z, zi pled guilty. what if he didn't plead guilty? he happened to plead guilty and it might have worked in this case. the roning doesn't go, you have to try all these people in these civilian settings, especially someone like ksm who is not unlike zazi, a permanent legal resident of the united states. a big difference between the two. >> brian: i don't know if you had a chance to see sunday's "new york times" when they had andrew mccarthy who prosecutedded blind sheik. 93 to 98 says not only should
8:19 am
they not be prosecuting civilian court, even they though they got a conviction, they should be in national terror court. that's how dangerous these guys are. >> mccarthy knows. he went through it. we learn over time. the way we did it in 1993, '94, over time, perhaps not the way we do it today. eric holder, this works and this shows you, this shows us nothing, okay? one man pled guilty and one criminal case that was a terrorist plot against this country, we could have gotten the same information from him in a military setting. the patting himself on the back isn't convincing at this point. >> steve: all right. you're convincing guest and that's why we have you on. >> thank you. wearing red for scott brown today. >> steve: good enough. laura, always a pleasure. see you next week. >> thanks, guys. >> the governor of michigan says the stimulus package is driving jobs to her state.
8:20 am
then why is unemployment still a staggering 14% there? governor jennifer granholm next. >> brian: jay leno, my grandmother called him lino, has a power packed line - up for his return to the "tonight show," including a famous conservative. >> steve: it may look like a stunt, but it's not. a wrestler on fire at a wwe match. details straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> brian: 23 minutes after the hour. former senate majority leader and republican presidential candidate bob dole is in walter reed army hospital recuperating after a bout of pneumonia. he was admitted three weeks ago. the 86-year-old hopes to be out in a few weeks. one of jay leno's first guests will be former alaska governor
8:24 am
sarah palin. she will join jay on the second night. that will be at 11:35 eastern time, march 2. don't look for her to go with letterman. some history there. >> governors across the country met with the president yesterday to discuss everything from the need for job creation to health care reform. our next guest says that her state dearly needs both and one just may be the key to getting the other. michigan governor jennifer granholm joins us now from washington. good morning, governor. >> good morning. >> i'm sure you talked about jobs and the stimulus money that's come to your state. i've read, you said 42,000 people are working today in michigan that wouldn't otherwise be working without the stimulus funds. critics would say when the stimulus funds dry up, so will those jobs. true? >> well, it's true with respect to infrastructure jobs, for example. those are temporary jobs anyway. but if you want to get the economy going. truly, as you look across the
8:25 am
country at the kinds of jobs that have been lost, disproportionately there are jobs that affected men. so those kind of infrastructure jobs are really important to put food on the table and get people back to work and has a long-term benefit, of course, for our nation's infrastructure. >> steve: governor, where are you getting the 40,000 number? i'm looking at and it says that the stimulus program has saved or created 20,000 jobs in michigan. >> no. the latest report that we made, maybe the is not updated. it had 42,000 jobs. a lot is relate to do jobs, saved and created. i can tell you one of the areas that have been enormously successful for michigan is the department of energy's investment in advanced battery, creating a whole new industry in this country to propel the electric vehicle. those are not your old batteries, those acid batteries. these are lithium ion batteries and we've got 15 companies in
8:26 am
michigan have come as a result of that department of energy investment for the stimulus. our ms u-conn mist say it will create 40,000 jobs over the next few years. that's just one aspect of the stimulus. >> some of those 442,000 -- 42,000 jobs are being propped up on stimulus dollars, then do we need a second stimulus? to keep those jobs we'll need to pump more money into the system. >> i think we need to make sure we put people to work during this tough time. as an example, one of the governors of mississippi is subsidizing employers to be able to hire people. last night the senate, at least got the first step of a vote that would allow for tax cuts to invest in companies that are hiring. all of that gets the pump primed. i think those tax cuts are going to be important because they're related directly to job creation. same as the infrastructure stuff. >> steve: i was looking -- i
8:27 am
also looked at your state site and i saw most of the jobs in the metric you guys use is created or saved, a majority of the jobs are in education. so teachers wind up keeping their jobs and a lot of safety jobs. but there is one interesting thing that i saw on the -- once again, this is the federal web site. they know where their money went. something like about 80% of the jobs created, 16,720 of the jobs created in or saved in michigan were in one zip code. they were in lansing, michigan. that number just jumped out at me like what's going on in lansing that most of the jobs created or saved were there and not in grand rapid, not in detroit, not in the big cities? >> the jobs created or saved are all over the state. maybe it was reported out of lansing since that's the capitol. i can tell you the recovery act is an act that puts money out into the private sector.
8:28 am
those who are paving the roads, those come from private companies, those who are doing weatherization, that all moves out into the private sector. the battery companies that are coming, those are all the private sectors. so there has been significant benefit. certainly it has prevented additional teacher layoff, but i can tell you that unless the state -- we had all these governors who came to washington, d.c. yesterday, 47 of them signed on to a letter bipartisan governor saying we need additional, some bridge to be able to get us through this or we're going to see a huge number of teachers, cop, firefighters laid off. >> governor, jennifer granholm from michigan, thank you for joining us. >> steve: straight ahead, coming up, the main suspect in the disappearance of the natalie hollyway now saying he dumped her body. more on this shocking admission straight ahead. >> this is not part of a script. wwe wrestler up in flames. >> steve: it's not what the rocket is cooking.
8:29 am
and the bachelor reunion -- i didn't watch this, did you? >> no, i love this. i wish i had. show me it. >> steve: it gets uncomfortable. listen to this. >> we went through all of this and fired this producer who is not a nameless man to us. in fact, he was a very dear friend to many, as you know. you know him very well. >> he seems upset. he's a friend of yours. he said that's news to him, especially when you were hitting on his wife in new zealand. he thought that was crazy. >> i clearly won't dignify that with a response. >> steve: we're going to dignify bachelor host, he'll be joining us in the next half hour with "fox & friends."
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>> brian: we begin with a fox news alert. a shooting at luke air force base in glendale, arizona. we're getting more information. the air force base says a vehicle rammed through a gate. security guards responded by shooting both passengers. one dead, another wounded. air force base spokesperson says there is no reason to believe they were more than just car thieves and does not believe this incident is tied to any type of terrorism. we just talked to a captain on base a short time ago. >> there may be more on the table than just health care at thursday's summit. is there a risk it might politically hurt president obama
8:34 am
and once again job creation would take a back seat? wendell goler on more with what we can expect. give us a preview. >> each side sees the possibility of political gain or pain if they don't actually come up with a health reform plan for the american people thursday. so each side is already maneuvering. robert gibbs yesterday seemed to go out of his way to invite republicans to make additions to the health proposal and made clear he's prepared to blame republicans if the talks fail. >> if you read in the paper that somebody says, all i'm coming to do is make sure that the american people know that what the president has proposed is a bad idea, well, again, you're elected to congress, you're elected to the presidency to propose new ideas and solutions for the problems that everyday americans face every day. >> the white house and the republicans have put their health reform plans on the web so americans can evaluate them
8:35 am
before thursday's meeting. each side will come to blair house with a common understanding of what the other has proposed. for house minority whip cantor of virginia, the president's plan isn't different enough from the one that democrats on the hill have been pushing and he feels mr. obama will take the heat if the two sides don't come together. >> republicans aren't scared of a trap. what i think the american people need to see is the fact that this president has not come off of his commitment to a health care design that will end up putting government in charge of people's health care in this country. in fact, today, i'm somewhat disappointed because it's really the american people that are the losers. >> biggest target yesterday was the president's proposal to let the federal government strike down what are considered to be excessive insurance rate hike increases. once again, you can see the two plans in summary and in full at white and
8:36 am
>> wendell goler, thanks so much. >> steve: meanwhile, speaking of washington, congress gets its first crack at toyota executives later on this morning. the company's american president , james lens, will go before the house to talk about the massive recalls. this as the united states government launches a criminal investigation into toyota's safety problems. company president admits to this morning's "wall street journal" that he stumbled really badly, saying, quote, it is clear to me that in recent years, we didn't listen as carefully as we should or respond as quickly as we must to our customers' concerns. duh. toyota will be on the hot seat tomorrow. he's going to get really hard questions. >> brian: a staffer should have given him a head shot with a frown. he can't be smiling while saying that. >> an incredible story on the natalie localway story. the suspect admits, disposed of
8:37 am
natalee holloway's body in aruba. he has always been a prime s. he made a similar confession two years ago, but investigators could not find any evidence to confirm that admission. she went missing in 2005 during a high school graduation trip to aruba. her body was never found. >> steve: it could be the worst case ever of sexual abuse by a doctor, some say. a pediatrician in delaware indicted on 471 counts of sexual crimes. dr. earl bradley accused of molesting 103 children and prosecutors say even more could come forward. prosecutors seized videotapes from his home and office showing the disgusting alleged crimes. he's currently being held on $2.9 million bail. wow. >> brian: pro wrestling star, the undertaker, went up in flames. they like to do these wild
8:38 am
stunts to introduce themselves. this one went terribly wrong. there was a problem with the pyrotechnics materials. the undertear, real name is mark cal lowway, suffered second degree burns on his chest and neck. he went on to lose. >> the show must go on. >> watch this from phoenix say had harbor. an airline passenger goes berserk. police say steven walker was angry when the plane landed -- after landing he was angry. at one point, as you heard, he challenged officers to taser him. they eventually tackled him and then they arrested him. the canadian, who may have been intoxicated is charged with
8:39 am
assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. >> steve: i thought it was don't phase me, bro. >> brian: by the way, in canada, after the u.s. beat canada in hockey, they banned alcohol. that's how fearful they are in vancouver of them wrecking the place. >> steve: did they think the team was drinking? >> no, just the fans. >> steve: all right. good to know. >> let's talk about acorn. you know well this organization, a community organization that was disgraced and discredited after those documentary film makers went in posing as a pimp and prostitute. so today acorn has announced it has dissolved itself as a national structure. now only state and local chapter s will exist and the operations will have new banners, new bylaws, it will not just be one umbrella group anymore called acorn. >> steve: what it is is they know that they rely upon people giving them money so that they
8:40 am
can do what they say is their good work in these poor communities across the country. but ever since those videotapes came out of the fake hooker and pimp, they have been absolutely bloody in the press. so what they're doing effectively is rebranding. unfortunately, for instance, here in the new york city area, many of these new outfits that are coming out with, many of the same board members as acorn, similar roles, and, in fact, they're going to take over the lease at one of the former acorn places. they're just going to change the sign out front. >> brian: the name of the place, new york communities for change. in the reception area hanging up, warning to receptionists. do not answer phones without important new direction from america. okay. interesting signs. wash your hands before serving. that's in many restaurants. everyone has their own thing. let's talk more about acorn because there is a story out there for the longest time that the president is somehow link to do acorn.
8:41 am
>> steve: that's the story. >> brian: that's the story. but the president was asked since acorn was grilled in this scandal and everyone questioned what their focus was and mantra and what they were doing when it came to registering voters and giving out loans, the president was asked that by george stephanopoulos a short time ago. here is what the president said then. >> frankly it's not really something i followed closely. i didn't even know that acorn was getting a lot of federal money. >> they voted to cut it off. >> i know what i saw on the video was inappropriate and -- >> you're not going to cut off the federal funding. >> this is not the biggest issue facing the country. >> steve: so there is responding to george stephanopoulos about acorn funding and stuff like that, but if you remember during the campaign, the then senator from illinois, junior senator, said at his campaign surrogate said he absolutely had nothing to do with acorn. he wasn't remotely connect to do
8:42 am
it, although he did do some work for that motor motor thing. the congressman from california has been doing an investigation into acorn and interestingly enough, he found this videotape from mr. obama does talk about his connection to acorn. >> you know you've got a friend in me and i definitely welcome acorn's input. you don't have to ask me about that. i'm going to call you even if you didn't ask me. i ran voter registrations in illinois. acorn was smack dab in the middle of it. once i was elected, there wasn't a campaign that acorn worked on down in springfield that i wasn't right there with you. since i've been in the united states senate, i've been always a partner with acorn as well. i've been fighting with acorn alongside acorn on issues you care about. my entire career. >> that was 2007. that was 2007 when he needed acorn and he reminded them
8:43 am
project vote worked hand in glove with acorn and then the stephanopoulos show saying he distanced himself from acorn. >> steve: wouldn't you? >> of course. let's face it, back then, you can't say he knew they were going to do something as that as try to fund a brothel. >> steve: but in the run up to the presidential election, i mean, his campaign people, and he said no, he really had no connection to acorn. but now we just heard him in that tape that the congressman released. he had a connection to them. >> brian: straight ahead, president obama finally releases his own health care plan, but it's missing something, like a price tag. was that on purpose? we're going to ask stuart varney, he's here with a new suit. >> fireworks fly on the bachelor as the women reveal all. >> steve: you're kidding. >> brian: i want to get back to did anything physical happen in the house? >> no, absolutely not. >> absolutely nothing? >> no. absolutely nothing.
8:44 am
>> was your inappropriate physical relationship -- >> host chris harrison gets into it with rosalynn. he's here to tell us all. hey, chris. see new a minute. >> steve: right now he's interrogating stuart varney. >> looks like he does on television.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> steve: welcome back. the senate health care bill, $871 billion. the house health care bill, $894 billion. the white house's newly released plan for health care, priceless. that according not to mastercard, but to the congressional budget office. they say the plan is too big to peg with a price tag. stuart varney, who knows something about money from varney and company joins us live. so i read that apparently even though the president is going to have his meeting on thursday, because they just popped out the plan yesterday, the congressional budget office doesn't have enough time to
8:48 am
score it. so we won't actually know how much it costs. >> how convenient? you go all the way back to square one, the reason we started was to get the cost of health care down. this doesn't do it. it's always been the sticking point. you mentioned $890 billion. $850 billion. you name it, hundreds of billions of dollars. now we cannot put a dollar number on the latest plan. again, how convenient. but the "wall street journal" has put a dollar number on it and the number is $950 billion in a ten-year period. that's a very expensive proposal. >> steve: we had one of the campaign officials during the obama campaign with us and he said, i told him that the cbo hadn't scored this and he said, look, the house bill was going to pay for itself and the senate bill will. so if you look at those, this new hybrid bill, which is a combination of both, clearly that's going to -- that's the logic he used to say clearly it will be underbudget.
8:49 am
>> no, you're messing around with the numbers. whoever held you that is really messing around with the numbers. take the doctors' fix. okay? the cbo says, and they've been given the word, that there will be a $200 billion doctor's fix in health care reform. not so. that's been taken out of health care reform and put into a separate budget item by congress. result? you got $200 billion unaccounted for. costs implied in health care reform which is not part of the numbers. it doesn't add up. this is a deficit buster. which ever plan you pick is going to cost us a great deal of money. >> steve: stewart knows a little bit about money and about spending it wisely because we go to the same barber. >> we do indeed. >> steve: can't you tell. >> close-up, close-up. >> steve: we'll be watching you later this morning on fox business. meanwhile, she was kicked off the bachelor for hook up with one of the show's producers. last night the host let her have
8:50 am
it and chris is with us next. there he is right there. let's check in with martha mccallum for what's going to happen in 11 minute. >> eric holder may be in hot water today. senator charles grassley wants to know why at least nine department of justice lawyers represented terror detainee before they joined the administration. while the detainees are entitled to representation, the question is, do the lawyers have a conflict of interest? we're going to have can that coming up on america's newsroom.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
>> lots of drama on reality dating show, the bachelor. part of last night's women tell all reunion show was devote to do rosalynn. you'll remember she was the woman who was kicked off the show earlier in the season for
8:54 am
allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a producer. last night she got the third degree. >> i want to get back to did anything physical happen in the house? >> no, absolutely not. >> absolutely nothing? >> no. absolutely nothing. >> steve: that's her story and she's stick to go it. chris harrison is the host of the bachelor and joins us live right now. chris, good morning to you. >> you guys get me here under false pretenses. i thought we were talking health care reform and you ambush me like this. how dare you? you don't know what that's like. >> steve: i'm out of here. i know it's uncomfortable because apparently somebody from one of the producers, from the lore show is accused of hooking up with that gal? >> what happened is early on in the season -- >> steve: don't you guys have rules? >> i'm guessing you're not a big fan. but you have rosalynn, this girl did hook up with one of our
8:55 am
producers and so we fired the producer and then we let her go off the show as well. and it was pretty clear cut and dry what happened and she's -- but she's continued to deny it, even though the producer himself has confessed multiple times. the women saw eyewitness accounts of exactly what happened. but bless her heart, she's sticking to it. >> she came back with ammunition to try to impugned you. let's listen to what she said last night. >> we went through all of this and fired this producer who is not a nameless man to us. in fact, he was a very dear friend to many, as you know. you know him very well. >> i talked to him about that. i was like, chris hairierson seems upset because he says he's a friend offers. he said that's news to him, especially when you were hitting on his wife in new zealand. >> steve: you were hitting on somebody's wife? >> in all fairness, what happens in the southern hemisphere -- >> steve: listen to that! >> no.
8:56 am
>> steve: aren't you married? >> yeah. i've been married for 16 years. >> steve: how is that working out for you? >> here is what happened. she has continued to deny this. one thing she does, her defense mechanism, either throw out an attack or use her son as a human shield, or at one point last night she swore on her son's life, which as a parent, as soon as she said that, i was like, wow. this interview is over. >> brian: it was unfortunate and oddly enough, my wife was in the crowd at that show. >> how did that go over with her? >> it was a long ride home. >> we've been together since we were 18 years old. so she knows this business and laughed it off. >> brian: we'll come back with more from you. >> steve: back here in two minutes. >> brian: the future of the bachelor.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> steve: the next time we see chris harrison, he'll be hosting the tv guide network on sunday. >> looking forward to the oscars. we've been doing it all ye


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